Aim & Scope

The International Journal of Recent Scientific Research is a premier scientific journal that aims to publish original work of importance across a variety of disciplines, including Science, Engineering, agriculture, health science, Dental Science, Technology, Law, Arts, and Education

It's been said that global scientific discoveries are changing the face of technology and that technology is changing the world. Enhancing the old rules of scientific reporting and communication, this journal is proposed as a vehicle to preview and showcase the innovation that stands behind future technological changes, to demonstrate how it applies to the modern world, and ensure that the communication is understandable to readers in scientific, business, and academic environments.

The journal provides a platform for the communication of technological advances that will potentially affect and even change our lives in a significant way; features articles that describe the use of fundamental science to create new and meaningful elements that ultimately can be applied to daily life, and demonstrates how various scientific disciplines can be integrated to ensure technological success and seamless translation. Featured among the contributing authors will be passionate and engaged visionaries who are interested in fostering an understanding of the practical application of science and technology.