Free Convection In A Vertical Annulur Cylinder In Porous Media With Effect Of Viscous Dissipation

Research Article
Nagaradhika V and Subbha Rao A
Free convection, Heat transfer, Viscous dissipation, Porous medium

We study the effect of viscous dissipation with the varying hot wall temperature in a vertical annular cylinder at four different locations. The effect of non-isothermal temperature and viscous dissipation on the heat transfer behavior in a saturated porous medium embedded in a vertical annular cylinder. The partial differential equations can be solved iteratively with the help of the Galerkin Finite Element Method of three nodded triangular elements Influence of aspect ratio, radius ratio, viscous dissipation parameter and Power law exponent temperature presented. The fluid flow and heat transfer is presented in terms of streamlines and isotherms.