thermodynamic and ultrasonic studies of some ammonium salts in aqueous polar and non-polar solvents at 303k

Research Article
T. Sumathi* and U. Gnanasheela
Adiabatic compressibility, 1,4- Dioxane, Falkenhagen coefficient, Jones-Dole coefficient, surface breaker.

In the present communication, experimental values of density (ρ), viscosity (η) and speeds of sound (U) of ammonium salts in aqueous 2- methoxyethanol and 1,4-Dioxane in 10, 20, 30 and 40% were measured at 303K. From these experimental data, acoustical parameters such as adiabatic compressibility (β), free volume (Vf), internal pressure (πi), Falkenhagen coefficient A and Jones-Dole coefficient B have been calculated. The results are interpreted in terms of strong/weak ion-ion and solute-solvent interaction and the structure breaking/making abilities of ammonium salts with polar and non-polar solvents.