Nanoparticles-their advantages and applications: a review

Research Article
Mamta Sharma, Asha Rani, Ritu Saharan, RajRani, Kanchan Makker and Vivek Srivastava*
Nanoparticles, application, technology, size, based.

Nanotechnology is an emerging technology, which have numerous applications in various fields. Nanoparticles are used in various enzyme catalysis to speed up the chemical reactions. These nanosized particles are used as drug delivery agents in medical nanotechnology. Their unique size based properties make them superior and helpful in different biological areas. These nanoparticles are categorized as carbon based, ceramic based, polymeric based and metal based. Different characterization techniques like TEM, SEM, FTIR help in understanding size and shape of these nanoparticles. Despites of its application, this review also cover the toxic effects of nanoparticles.