Women Empowerment Through Higher Education In Ethiopia (A Case Study Of Wollo University, Dessie Campus, Dessie, Ethiopia)

Research Article
Ponduri S.B., Yimer and Sunkara Chenchu Narayana
Women empowerment, Higher Education, Economic Security, Social Living.

“If you educate a man you educate an individual, however if you educate a women you educate the whole family. Women empowerment in any nation means the nation is empowered”. In the recent years the Ethiopian economy has provoked the women to come out their houses for the benefit of family and society. Contribution of women is considered as an extension of household and non-monitorzed. Without the active participation of women, establishment of a new social order may not be a successful. Women should realize that they have constitutional rights for quality health, economic security, education and political power. Modern women wants economic empowerment, own decisions, self confidence, strength, better living standards and more. They also need freedom for social living, should come out of the clutches of social customs but also need financial freedom. This can be possible only when they are educated. The present has taken a sample of 100 students from different colleges of Wollo University. The data is analyzed by using descriptive statistics. The study reveals that today’s woman accepts change, they generate economic variables like self-income, employment generation, productive investment, independent decision making, living standards, enterprising skills and leadership. They are even ready to leave the husband for betterment of family, needs to take independent decision, desires to stand on their own. Finally it is concluded that Empowerment of woman is necessary for Ethiopia to eliminate the poverty and to increase the living standards life.