web solution for burgalary monitoring in kumbakonam town using gps data base

Research Article
P.Thirumalai, R.Surulivel, P.Priya, R.Senthil kumar, and \D.Sudha
Solvent-free, One pot synthesis, Mannich products, Reusable ionic liquid, UV absorbing materials Multi-component synthesis.

Web-based GIS is an exciting new method of disseminating information organized using Geographic Information Systems (GIS). It became possible and popular due to the fast growing Internet technology and became a good source of providing better decision support in land use and environmental protection since mid 1990s. Many research activities and commercial efforts have been put into this field. The traditional and age-old system of intelligence and criminal record maintenance has failed to live up to the requirements of the existing crime scenario. Manual processes neither provide accurate, reliable and comprehensive data round the clock nor does it help in trend prediction and decision support. It also results in lower productivity and ineffective utilisation of manpower. The solution to this everincreasing problem lies in the effective use of Information Technology. Geographic Information System (GIS) uses geography and computer-generated maps as an interface for integrating and accessing massive amounts of location-based information. GIS allows police personnel to plan effectively for emergency response, determine mitigation priorities, analyse historical events, and predict future events. GIS can also be used to get critical information to emergency responders upon dispatch or while en route to an incident to assist in tactical planning and response. GIS helps identify potential suspects to increase investigators suspect base when no leads are evident.