Vulnerability Assessment Of Groundwater To Pollution In Port Harcourt Metropolis

Research Article
Nwaogazie L and Obiageli J. Wegwu
Groundwater, pollution, vulnerability, DRASTIC Index, Port Harcourt metropolis

Groundwater vulnerability refers to the sensitivity of groundwater to contamination. The seriousness of the impact on water use depends on the extent and magnitude of the pollution and the value of the groundwater resource. Groundwater vulnerability mapping is used as a guide in determining which areas are more susceptible to groundwater contamination within the mapped area. The vulnerability map produced in this work was derived from field data using the DRASTIC index method. The computed  values of DRASTIC Index (DI) indicate that the groundwater of 34 communities in the study area are of 5No categories or classifications in vulnerability to contamination: 2.94% rated as low (DI of 131-140); 20.59% as moderately low (DI of 141-145); 20.59% as moderate (DI of 146-150); 50.00% as moderately  high (DI of 151-155) and 5.88% as high (DI of 156-160).