In Vivo Septicemia Poisoning Effect By Using Voltammetric Carbon Fiber Micro Electrode

Research Article
Suw Young Ly
Diagnostics; In Vivo Assay; Escherichia Coli; Vascular, Micro Probe

In vivo assay of Escherichia Coli (EC) was searched at poisoned vascular organ using carbon fiber micro electrode systems. A diagnostic instrument was used with our systems of bio electronic workstation-2, and detection was searched using a handmade micro working electrode, whose probe was made by copper immobilization on a carbon fiber micro sensor; also, two electrode were used to counter and reference probe fiber instead of expensive Ag/AgCl standard and Pt counter electrode. Under final condition, cyclic peak potential appeared at a 0.2 v anodic. Square wave stripping working range was to 0.1-0.8 mg/l EC, linear equation of y=0.0027x+1.35, and R2=0.97. The developed probe was applied to non-treated in vivo vascular using health and septicemia poisoned flog by EC injection, and a fast 210 sec accumulation stripping time. Diagnostic detection limit attained to micro range. Developed results can be applied to in vivo vascular at real and non-treated organs.