In Vitro Anticancer Screening Of Medicinal Plants Of Mizoram State, India, Against Dalton’s Lymphoma, Mcf-7 And Hela Cells

Research Article
Rosangkima, G and Jagetia, GC
Medicinal plants, phytochemicals, cytotoxicity, clonogenicity

In this study the anticancer potentials of some traditional anticancer medicinal plants was investigated against Dalton’s lymphoma (DL), MCF-7 and HeLa cells in vitro. Cytotoxicity of various plant extracts was determined by MTT assay. The result of present studies showed that out of 24 different extracts studied three extracts such as methanol extracts of Solanum khasianum fruit and Dillenia pentagyna stem bark as well as aqueous extracts of Solanum khasianum fruit showed potent anticancer activity on all the three cancer cells tested in a concentration-dependent manner. The most potent anticancer activity was observed with the aqueous extract of S. khasianum fruit (SKF-Aq) with IC50 values of 18.24 µg/ml, 23.65 µg/ml and 21.26 µg/ml on DL, MCF-7 and HeLa cells respectively. Phytochemical analyses revealed the presence of large amount of alkaloids and flavonoids in the potent plant extracts which may be suggested to play an important role in their anticancer activities.