The Value Of Social Context In The Use Of Imperative Sentences In English And Albanian Language

Research Article
Merita Isaraj

This paper is a comparative view of the imperative sentences in English and Albanian language in the aspect of pragmatic use. Imperative sentences have recently drawn the attention of scholars due to their specific characteristics and also simple syntactic structure. They can have diverse interpretation and imply an array of directive meanings in different social contexts. Imperatives are typically too direct in usage and they are mostly avoided in formal contexts and situations where politeness should predominate. Linguistic devices that serve to soften the typical commanding force of imperative sentences in English are different and numerous. Some of them are also used in imperative sentences in Albanian, while others do not have corresponding forms, such as tag- questions found at the end of the structure of imperatives in English. The context of speech situations is an important element in expressing the appropriate imperative meaning and making the right interpretations.