Tooth Implant Connection: Boon Or Bane- A Review

Review Article
Kushaldeep., Viram Upadhaya., Mohit Singh Raghuvanshi., Shivakumar G. C and Akansha Verma
Tooth implant supported prosthesis, abutment, fixed prosthesis

The concept of connecting tooth to implants has remained a highly controversial topic in implant dentistry for long. This is due to the uncertainty about the long term stability and health of the implants and teeth when supporting a fixed bridge. Some authors believe that it is beneficial to use such a connection while others believe that such a connection poses a great biomechanical challenge due to difference in the mobility patterns of a tooth and implant. This review aims to discuss the rationale of connecting tooth and implants along with the potential risks and complications associated. Also, the review summarizes the guidelines a clinician must follow if planning such a treatment modality for the patient.