Thrust factors persuading scheduled caste women to join shgs

Research Article
Sudha and Selvam, V
Microfinance, Self Help Groups, SC women, Women Empowerment

Purpose: It is evident from a vast literature that microfinance play a crucial role in the growth and development of poor and it is also acknowledged that in India delivery of microfinance is through Self Help Groups (SHGs), thus SHGs also play an imperative role in women empowerment. Therefore this paper aims at recognizing the push factors which encourage the Scheduled Caste (SC) women to join SHGs as they are the most impecunious part of the society, so that government should take enough initiatives to empower them. Design/Methodology/Approach: Data was collected from primary and secondary sources. Primary data was collected from women SHGs using questionnaire and interview method. Secondary data was collected from various published and unpublished sources like NABARD, NGO reports, journals. Analysis was done using percentage, frequency, radar chart and Friedman’s Test statistics. Findings: The present study divulged bank loan as the most important reason of joining SHGs followed by increase in income and savings. Originality/Value: As this study concentrates on studying rationale of SC women to join SHGs in two districts of Tamil Nadu which no one have attempted as of now. Therefore this study is an original work of the author.