technological development and change in cement industry in india

Research Article
Pardeep Kumar
Technology, Change, Development, Dry process, capacity, and consumption.

In October 2013, the Indian cement industry had entered into the 100th years of its existence having, inter alia, state of art technology and world class cement production. Since its inception the Indian cement industry have been gone through the various types of technological changes. Organizational Development is a field of applied behavioural science related to planned change. The basic objective of change is the total organizational and its system. Organizational Development is a newly emerging discipline directed towards using behavioural science knowledge to assist organization in solving problems and dealing more rapidly with the problem of change. Change is the essence of business growth. The external pressures are driving change at an alarming rate and affecting every aspect of organization. Identifying environmental and market changes quickly is a part of survival and growth. This present paper have been analyzed a revolutionary change occurring in technology in cement industry in India, where new and improved methods need to be developed to deal with such changes. Leavitt describes a model of the major targets of changes, which lead to the resolution of three major problems. Changes in these variables cause alterations in organizational behaviour, which is crucial to survival: technology, structure and people. This paper presents the technological development and changes in cement industry in India. This paper studies the impact of technological changes on organizational growth and analyzing the technological changes in India Cement Industry.