Teachers Point Of View On Traumatic Tales In Selection Of Books For Children

Research Article
Gulsen MERAL., Verda Tunaligil., Sena TOPSAKAL., Ayca KAYACIK., Beyza Hazal SAGIT., Busra UNSAL and Ayşe Rumeysa UZUMCU
Preschool teacher, Family, Tale; Child development, Preschool education

Tales as an educational material are used widely in preschools. Content and usage of tales including tale selection criteria and other related variables are analyzed in this research with the aid of a questionnaire. Also narration style and after affects of tales on children were searched. Factors promoting positive behavioral affects and message content emerged as primary selection criteria for tale books. Tales containing supernatural events and horrific characters causing trauma in children were in minority with an insignificant percent. Awareness regarding tale selection was found very high in preschool teachers.