synthesis, spectral and magnetic susceptibility studies on 1,8,15,22- tetrabromo metal (ii) phthalocyanines

Research Article
M. P. Somashekarappa,*, J. Keshavayya
Tetrabromo metal(II) phthalocyanines, electronic spectroscopy, magnetic susceptibility, IR spectroscopy.

Symmetrically substituted 1,8,15,22-tetrabromo phthalocyanines of cobalt (3-BrCoPc), nickel (3-BrNiPc), copper (3-BrCuPc) and zinc (3-BrZnPc) are synthesized from the corresponding tetraamino substituted metal phthalocyanines using modified Sandmayer’s method. The tetraamino metal phthalocyanines were synthesized from tetranitro phthalocyanines and tetranitrophthalocyanines were in turn synthesized from 3-nitrophthalic acid with corresponding metal salts. The bluish green coloured complexes were characterized by elemental analyses, Uv-visible and IR spectroscopy, and magnetic susceptibility measurements in order to check their purity and structural integrity. The magnetic susceptibility studies revealed that, the experimentally determined magnetic moments are higher than the spin only magnetic moment values and shows the presence of intermolecular cooperative effects.