synthesis and characterization of metal doped nanocrystallinecopper sulphide

Research Article
Priyadharshini P and Revathy Rajagopal
Copper sulphide, semiconducting nanoparticle, nanocrystals, XRD, solid state uv, photoluminescence.

Copper sulphide (CuS) is an excellent material for optoelectronic applications. It is interesting to investigate the optical properties of CuS at nanometer regime where the properties become size dependent. The present paper deals with the synthesis and characterization of undoped and M (M=Mn, Co, Zn, Fe, Ni) doped copper sulphidenanoparticles. The CuS and CuS : M nanoparticles of different sizes were synthesized by organometallic precursor route. The samples were characterized by XRD, UVVis absorption, and photoluminescence techniques. It was observed that, the size decreases with increasing capping agent. The crystal size computed using Debye Scherrer formula was found to be in the nano range. The UV-Vis absorption shows blue shift in the absorption edge and in some cases stepwise absorption. It was observed that the doped nanoparticles show better photoluminescence and thus are suitable materials for large area display devices