Sustainable Development: Concept And Veracity

Research Article
Sunil Kumar
Development, Environment, Ability, Government, Convergence.

Sustainable development is a futurist development paradigm and over the past twenty years governments, business and civil society have accepted sustainable development as a guiding principle. Sustainable development combines the two terms, “Sustainability” and ‘Development” to indicate a pattern of growth which strengthens both the national capabilities to core for their people in relation to their total relationship with the resources of earth. It focuses upon a relationship between human being and their environment and indicates a warning that human being cannot push development which is against nature. It is generally accepted that sustainable development calls for a convergence between the three pillars of economic development, social equity and environmental protection. It is thereby considerably widened the scope of global problems to include such matters as the environment, health, trade and poverty. It also highlights the links between globalization, planet-wide risks and shared responsibilities that created a need for concerted action by the international community. This paper uses the phrase ‘sustainable development’ to describe attempts to combine concerns with the environment and socio-economic issues. It highlights the drawbacks of the current mechanism for challenges resolution and as possible solutions; it suggests the urgent need to shift the attitude of the world towards the concept and requirement of transformative changes at local, national and global levels.