survey of ethnomedicinal plants and folklore studies on malayali tribals of vellakadai village a part of shervaroy range in eastern ghats, tamil nadu

Research Article
Vaidyanathan. D., Sisubalan. N and*M. Ghouse Basha
Ethno medicine, Medicinal plants, Surveyor Range, Yercaud, Malayali tribals.

An ethno medicinal survey was carried out among the malayali tribals in shervaroy range, Salem District, Tamil Nadu, India during June 2013 to December 2013. A total of 200 Species of ethno medicinal plants belonging to 176 genera and 74 families were reported with the help of tribal people between the age of 40 – 75 years, dwellers provided information regarding the species used as medicine, parts used, and mode of preparation, remedies and ailments. We are gathered the knowledge regarding folklore of the tribals. The data’s were collected by taking photos and interviewed the tribal people