Survey Of Cardiac Patients At A Tertiary Care Hospital On Five Parameters That Realistically Influenced Their Cardiac Risk

Research Article
Raj kumar Kudari., NagaSravya K and Gayatri P
Cardiac Risk, Tertiary Care Hospital, DM(Diabetes Mellitus), HTN (Hypertension), Past Medical History & Hereditary.

Lot of factors influence cardiac risk depending on the individual’s past medical history, family history, food, lifestyle and stress. WHO had listed 12 factors from the above parameters as main reasons for cardiac disorders. Stunning Contraries to standard assumptions of getting Cardiac Disorder was observed in a retrospective observational random survey on 150 Patients in a tertiary care hospital at Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, who had already suffered cardiac disorder and admitted in this hospital as in patients for treatment. The Reports on past medical history parameter revealed that among the surveyed patients, 26% are those who do not have any disorder till now, which is contrary to the regular assumption. This is higher than the patients with any other disorder like HTN, DM or their combination. The Parameter on family history of having hereditary cardiac risk was surveyed and surprisingly 74% of patients do not have any inheritance of Cardiac Risk from their parents or among their Siblings. This is opposite to regular assumptions. There was only 4% among the surveyed subjects who had both Parents and Siblings affected. The influence of the Food Parameter was studied on 3 factors. Patients who had Heavy Meals twice daily are 93% who used to have NV diet regularly are 87% and Patients who had the habit of consuming Tea and Coffee beverages are 81%. The Lifestyle and Habits were surveyed as 4th parameter. Patients with Smoking habit are 45% and with alcohol consumption are 25%. Patients who do proper exercise are just 21% and hence they are at least risk. Stress as 5th parameter had influenced around 50% of the affected patients in form of family stress, work stress, anxiety and depression. Death of one of the members in the family had least impact. The parameters Past Medical History, Family History and Alcohol consumption had lower impact which is contrary to regular Assumptions.