Studying Renovation Effect Of Residential Neighborhoods In Ancient Texture And Creating Urban Space Popularity

Research Article
Ahmad Hakanlou
Deteriorated texture; renovation; rebuilding; urban appearance

Formation of urban textures and physical changes has actually reflected an image of natural, economic, social, and human reasons overtime that appears at a geographical realm. The role of technology, requirements, public talent related to the form of human communities as well as the role of social-economic factors in changing modern urban life has increased. Moreover, binary and incompatible policy making to construct low-price residential units and growing expansion of urban service boundary, that are located in urban central areas and enjoy suitable urban infrastructure, has practically caused deteriorated texture boundary to be ignored and forgotten by policy makers who involve in housing development. Besides, façade has again obtained popularity in recent years following restating the importance of public spaces and urban life value. In fact, façade is the best state that is emanated by owner or designer. Therefore, the current research aims at studying the effect of residential neighborhood renovation at old texture and creating urban space popularity. Research method of questionnaire, field and library are used