A Study On Quality Traits Of Chicken Eggs Collected In And Around Gannavaram, Krishna District In Different Seasons

Research Article
Veena D, Eswara Rao B., Naga Mallika E and Azad S.A.K
Chicken eggs, quality traits, seasonal variation, Krishna district

The present study was carried out to evaluate the quality traits of chicken eggs collected from local markets present in and around Gannavaram, Krishna district, Andhra Pradesh in two different seasons i.e summer and winter. A total of 120 eggs were analyzed for external and internal qualities in each season. Egg weights varied markedly with season, tending to a larger in winter and smaller during periods of high temperature and the mean values of egg weights in winter and summer were 54.3 and 52.34 respectively. The mean values of shell thickness in winter and summer were 0.269 and 0.247 respectively indicating that the shell thickness was more during winter than summer. Specific gravity of egg in winter and summer were 1.0816 and 1.0806 respectively representing more value in winter. Shell weight of chicken eggs in winter and summer were 4.514 and 4.190 respectively varying with significant difference. Results showed that traits like egg weight, shell thickness, shell weight, specific gravity were significantly (p<0.05) higher in winter than summer and no seasonal difference was observed in quality traits like Haugh unit, shape index, yolk index and albumen index.