Study On Physiochemical Characteristics Of Raw Milk Samples Collected From Dairy Plant Of Aligarh

Research Article
Shahida Perween and Ummatul Fatima
Raw milk, Physical analysis, chemical analysis, chemical composition, Acidity

The study was conducted to evaluate physiochemical quality of milk samples in selected dairy plant of Aligarh. Various physicochemical properties of milk were analyzed and compared to Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). Total 10 different milk samples were analyzed. The results for raw milk samples showed pH 6.171% ±0.171%, titrablel acidity 0.81% ±0.08%, solid not fat 8.23% ±1.410%, total solid 12.827%±1.38%, fat 5.33% ±0.725%, protein 3.533% ±0.082%, ash 0.825% ±0.053% and Moisture content 86.074% ±3.42%. Statistical analysis of data revealed that there is significant difference (p>0.05) between results of collected samples and Bureau of Indian Standards. Therefore, it was concluded that the raw milk was very poor quality and adulterations were found during study.