A Study Of Motor Skill Tests For Football Players Of Under 14 Years Age Group

Research Article
Anuradha Lehri., Ranjeet Singh., Harshita Yadav and Manisha Uttam
Soccer, dribbling, kicking and running

Football is one of the most popular sports in the world, its practice started very early and now being played worldwide. The ‘Power and Speed’ are needed to stay properly and the body of football players able to learn faster, when performing wise variety of skills. Thus present study is aimed to study the motor skills tests in football players of under 14 years age group. A total of 30 male football players who are under 14 years of age were recruited. Various anthropometric measurements (weight and height) and motor skill tests (30 meter run, kicking the ball, juggling the ball) are taken. The result of present study shows that these players are underweight and posses a very minimal skill, therefore it necessitates the solid understanding of the various factors affecting performance, recovery and health, a knowledge of the nutritional value of food and fluids in addition to the necessary motor skill test and anthropometric parameters can be predictors of under achievement by the present players. The present study concludes that male players of junior national team are having lowest level on kicking and running test items required to play the football