study of dengue fever cases in rayalaseema region, andhrapradesh

Research Article
Lokendranath G., Venugopal Gupta, A., Raghavaram, N and PrabhakarRao, R
Rapidly disintegrating tablet, antacid, superdisintegrants, acid neutralizing capacity.
Background: Admission of dengue fever/dengue hemorrhagic fever cases was on the rise during the monsoon period of Andhra Pradesh 2015 in Santhiram Medical College and Hospital andsurrounding Districts of kurnool. A number of deaths due to dengue fever were reported in theprevious months. Hence, a clinical study of the dengue cases was done in the late monsoon for a period of 3 months since a large number of cases with bleeding manifestations were referred to ourHospital for platelets transfusion from the local hospitals and nursing homes.Aim: A Clinical study of dengue fever cases in the extended monsoon period and to evaluate the need for platelet transfusion in dengue fever cases.