Study Of Current Status And Future Prospects Of Soil Disinfection In Souss-Massa And Gharb- Loukkos (Morocco)

Research Article
Abdelmoti Al batnan, Sanaa Oudebji, Mohamed Chliyeh, Amina Ouazzani Touhami, and Allal Douira
Disinfection, soil, Chemical, Biological, Agricultural, Tomato, Strawberry, Souss Massa, Gharb, Loukkos, Morocco.

This quantitative study to approach the current state of soil disinfection use in understanding the mechanisms and list of the used products via a duly defined questionnaire. The various answers of approached farmers, following surveys in the region of Gharb-Loukkos and Souss-Massa respectively, main areas for strawberries and tomatoes crops, have shown that chemical disinfection is almost universal in both regions (respectively 97% and 98%) and using mainly Metam sodium and Dichloropropene 95% to 70%. The farmers percentage intending using alternatives to chemical disinfection, in the region of Souss Massa (solarization, composts, plant extracts and micro- organisms, especially green organic matter) is 73% while it is only 7% in the region of Gharb and Loukkos. Actually, there is no pressing interest for organic disinfection, only 73% of farmers in the region of Souss Massa think about this issue while those of Gharb-Loukkos do not even know. Thus, the adopted alternative product is Dazitol at 47% in Souss Massa area. 80% of farmers in the Souss- Massa and all those of Gharb and Loukkos are willing to pay the organic product at a price equal to the chemical one.