study to assess knolwedge and attitude regarding mental iillness among tribal population

Research Article
Nitin Nirmal and Pooja Patel
Dexmedetomidine, ketamine, magnetic resonance imaging, non‑operating roomanaesthesia, sedation

Background: Mental health is about enhancing competence of the dividuals and community and enables them to achieve their self-determined goal. Mental illness often generates misunderstanding, prejudice, confusion and fear. Some people with mental illness report that the stigma can at times be worse than the illness itself. Mental illness affects the people of all age group. People may be less willing to offer support and empathy to people suffering from a mental illness rather than a physical health problem. Material and methods: Descriptive and co-relational approach was used to assess the knowledge and attitude regarding mental illness among tribal population. The data were collected from100 people selected by Non probability; convenient sampling technique, by using of structured questionnaire and attitude scale. Result: Finding revealed that highest percentage (37%) were in the age group of above36, (56%) were males, (84%) were married, (50%) were no formal education and above,(84%) were Hindus, (48%) had Agricultural work and (51%) had monthly family income of < Rs. 3001-6000.Findings shows that the overall knowledge mean score was (13.51±5.43), indicates people had moderate level of knowledge regarding mental illness and its treatment. However the people had adequate knowledge in prevention and rehabilitation of mental illness with highest mean score of (2.88±1.14). In relation to attitude on mental illness the people had mean score of (62.65 ± 5.13) indicates positive attitude towards mental illness. There was significant association found between the pretest and post test knowledge score (t= 1.96,P≤ 0.05). Conclusion: The conclusions drown from this study finding revealed that people having moderate level of knowledge regarding mental illness and favorable attitude towards mental illness. People having positive relationship between knowledge and attitude. It should be emphasized that awareness program with the help of mass medias shall help in reduction in social stigma and acceptance of mental ill person in the society.