A Study To Assess The Effectiveness Of Puppet Show On Knowledge Regarding Selected Mosquito Borne Disease Among Children In Selected Village At Nellore

Research Article
Nirmal Divya A and*Vanaja kumari
Puppet show, mosquito born disease

Introduction: Children are the world’s most valuable natural resources and it is first and most duty of every nation to preserve it. Children are real assets of family, society and nation. Objectives: To assess the knowledge of children regarding selected mosquito borne diseases. To evaluate the effectiveness of puppet show on knowledge regarding selected mosquito borne diseases among children. To associate the pre and post test level of knowledge regarding mosquito borne disease among children with their selected socio demographic variables of children. Materials and methods: The study was conducted among primary school children in selected village like Golagamudi, at Nellore District. The study sample included 60 children, selected by using the convenience sampling technique Results: In pre test 16(27%) had moderate knowledge and 44(73%) had inadequate knowledge. The scores of the post- test indicated increase in knowledge levels of the primary school children i.e. 11(18%) had adequate knowledge followed by 35(59%) had moderate at knowledge, 14(23%) had inadequate knowledge. Conclusion: The study concludes that there is statistically significant in increasing the level of knowledge among primary school children regarding selected mosquito borne diseases.