Stress In Everyday Practice And Occupational Activities: Predisposing Factors To Chronic Diseases

Research Article
Martins VF., Leite JL, Guilhem D, Miziara RM and Ferreira VM
Chronic diseases, Health, Quality of life, Stress.

Modern life is permeated by the influence of stress, usually resulting from everyday life situations and work activities. Researchers have taken great care in conceptualising stress and defined it as an organic reaction that involves physical, psychological, mental and hormonal components and develops in stages. Many studies have investigated factors that influence this phenomenon that is often associated with alterations in workers’ health and organisational performance. This review will show that the development of physical and mental illness is described as related to an imbalance between stressful demands and the level of control exerted over them. Quality of life is a crucial point that must be considered to prevent chronic diseases, and people should have the ability to recognise stressors and to find strategies to combat them.