Stochastic Model For The Prediction Of Expected Time Of Personnel To Leave The Organisation

Research Article
Vijayasankar N Vijay Amirtharaj S and Sathiyamoorthi R
Propensity to leave the organization, Feeling of emotion and Threshold levels

Attrition is a common event in any organization or industry. The leaving of personnel may be due to unsatisfactory decisions regarding pay revision, promotion and work targets as observed by employees. So the successive decisions contribute to the propensity of individual to leave the organization and also, the emotion developed by any employee at the decision epoch. There is a maximum level of these factors. When any one of these two feelings crosses the threshold level then a person decides to leave the organization. So recruitment should be made at random time intervals to compensate the loss of manpower. In this paper the expected time to leave the organization is derived using the shock model and cumulative damage process.