Stimulating Efl Beginners To Initiate Speaking Through Games Via Pair-Work Activity

Research Article
Amir Abdalla Minalla
Verbal, Communication, Interest, Classroom

The study investigated utilizing the games via pair work activity to engage EFL beginners in speaking. The study mainly aimed at benefiting from EFL beginners` potential interest in games to establish their oral communicative competence. The study followed the experimental and descriptive designs and used tests (pre- post-test) and an interview as tools for data collection. After analyzing the collected data by SPSS program, it was clear that playing games is an effective technique for engaging beginners in using English language verbally as long as possible. Games are also most appropriate activities that can be carried out inside and outside classroom (real life situations) and may be played with different other people from those at the class. In addition, games create interesting and enthusiastic learning atmosphere. In the light of these results, the study recommends that games should be employed for verbal classroom interaction via pair work activity.