A Sportsperson’s Psyche: Mental Toughness In Relation To Optimism And Coping

Research Article
Shatarupa Chakraborty and Anuradha Solanky
Mental Toughness, Optimism, Coping, Sports, Correlation, Sports Authority of India

Objective: To observe the correlation between the components of mental toughness and optimism and mental toughness and coping skills amongst sportspersons Method: The questionnaires of Life Orientation Inventory-Revised by C.S. Carver, COPE Inventory by C.S. Carver, M.F. Scheier and J.K. Weintraub and Mental Toughness Scale 30 by Alan Goldberg were administered. Correlation and regression analysis was done to find out to what degree the components are correlated to each other and to establish causal factors between the components. Results: Moderate degree of correlation between mental toughness and optimism (r=0.567 at 0.01 level of significance) and between mental toughness and coping skills (r= 0.526 at 0.01 level of significance) was found. On conduction of linear regression, for the components of mental toughness and optimism, r squared value was 0.32 and for mental toughness and coping skills, r squared value was 0.33, indicating that we can, but with restrained conviction predict that an individual who would be high on the attribute of optimism and having heightened coping skills will be high on the attribute of mental toughness Conclusion: We may say that the interplay of the components of optimism, coping skills and mental toughness do have a contributing impact upon the success or failure of a sportsperson. Optimistic individuals are less prone to giving up in face of difficulties and show heightened resilience, while individuals high on coping skills tend to use problem focused methods to overcome challenges and display strong mental toughness characteristics.