Socio-Economic And Psychological Characteristics Of Vegetable Growers

Research Article
Suman R. S
Risk orientation, scientific orientation, Vegetable growers

The study was conducted in Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh during 2016-17. Three community development Blocks i.e. Manali, Kullu and Banjar were purposively selected based on highest number of vegetable growers and from each block, three villages were selected and from each village, twenty farmers were selected randomly, thus the total sample comprised of 180 respondents. The expost facto research design was used for the study. The data were collected using pre-tested structured interview schedule personally. The collected data were analysed using appropriate statistical tools. The results of the study revealed, majority of the respondents was middle aged and more number of farmers had studied up to high school, majority of the vegetable growers had high farming experience with small land holdings. Majority of the farmers belonged to high annual income (>Rs. 60000) and more than half of the farmers had regular habit of consulting neighbors and relatives as a source of information for taking operational decision for both agriculture as whole in addition to vegetable production. High majority of the farmers regularly participated in training, krishi mela and demonstrations. Cent percent of respondents were regular viewer of Television, occasional listener of Radio and occasional reader of news papers. Majority of farmers belonged to medium level category of economic motivation, risk orientation, scientific orientation and market orientation.