The Social Ecology Resilience Of Muncar Fisherman, The Regency Of Banyuwangi, Indonesia

Research Article
Kusumah MS, Hidayat K, Sukesi K and Susilo E
institutionalization of marine environment protection; the consciousness of environmental degradation; social assurance over the marine resources, and social ecologic resilience.

The construction of fisherman social ecology resilience is the moral order which constructed as a product of fisherman interaction with the environmental change. Based on the result of this research, socioecology resilience is a concept that refers to the field of human ecology science. Resilience is defined in the ability of humans to adapt in the environment, especially when the environment changes, this concept is also applied in this paper to explain the ability of the flexibility of the human to face the changing of environmental conditions, especially on the social economy. Socio-ecological resilience of Muncar fisherman featuring three concepts, namely consciousness of environmental degradation; institutionalization of marine environment protection; and social assurance over the marine resources.