Smart Electric Fence (For Agriculture)

Research Article
Sharmitha D and Dineshkumaran N
SMS, GSM Modem, Fence wires.

Conflicts of human-elephant has been on the peak in the farmlands with herds of wild pachyderms straying into human habitation. The surveillance and tracking of elephant herds are difficult due to their size and nature of movement. In this article, we present an analytical procedure to recognize the behavior of pachyderms, especially elephants along agricultural fields by sending SMS (Short Message Service) to the farmer using controller and GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) modem. A Smart Electric Fence is a simple user friendly idea to provide more security to the farmlands and the farmers by detecting the unwanted activities around their farms, in particular by wildlife and also from theft. It consists of a microcontroller based system for detecting the activities around the fenced area with GSM modem for acknowledging those activities around the farmland. The GSM modem sends text message to the farmer indicating the location on which the impact has been occurred. Also detects the kind of wildlife which is giving an impact on the fence by detecting the height of the animal.