Smart Basket Design Using Arduino And Rfid Module

Research Article
Murari Kumar., Rachana., Shomya Dwivedi ., Saurav Sharma and Shivani Joshi
RFID technology, Arduino, LCD display, smart card reader.

This ice age customers are facing lots of problems in shopping mall, grocery shops and etc. One of the major problem faced by the customers while shopping at a supermarket is thin ability to locate items and also to carry goods to the billing counter. The trolleys in the shopping malls are enabled with a device consisting of Arduino board which can identify the products by communicating with the racks which in turn consists of an arduino board which is programmed with the details of the product in the rack. The communication is established using a RFID mechanism where the trolley and rack are connected. The customer can pay the bill directly in the counter reducing the billing time where the bill is retrieved by generating an interrupt at the end of the shopping process. The digital display device displays product information along with the total cost of the products in the trolley. Thus this system provides an enhanced way for shopping to the customers with efficient mechanism. This project deals with the problem faced by the people by providing them a better way to shop so that they can utilize their time in many of their important works. With this project we reduce the human effort and save precious time of customers.