six sigma - control charts for analysing the specification limits of learning the ict concepts by secondary teacher trainees

Research Article
Six Sigma - Control Charts, Specification Limits, Learning, ICT Concepts, Secondary Teacher Trainees.

The quality does not just happen. It must be planned for. Quality needs to be a major plank in an institution’s strategy and needs to be approached systematically using a rigorous strategic planning process. Some of the crucial issues that necessitate the quality are:

· The quality is sacrificed by the quantity in an undesirable way due to proliferation of

teacher education institutions. Generally private institutions, particularly the teacher

education institutions in in India are viewed with skepticism and contempt (Hariharan and

Mohanasundaram, 2013).

· The skill acquisition is paramount but the skillful training provided to the prospective

teachers are not optimum and inadequate, as result, the incompetent teachers are produced

which, in turn, it affects the quality teaching in their respective schools