Shhh... Silent Hospital Helps Healing!

Research Article
Usha Banerjee., Rathina N., Maryline Flinsi D and Rohini Sharma
Silent Hospital, Noise in Hospital, Quiet Hospital

Noise is an emerging threat to patient safety and comfort. Hospitals are littered with QUIET PLEASE signs, yet the hospital “quiet zone” unfortunately has become an oxymoron. Quiet environment improves patient healing. When patients experience sleep disruption or do not rest, they experience an increase in heart rate and brain wave activity. In fact, patients respond to hospital noise in the same way they would respond to stress, and this impacts their healing1 . To curb Culture of Noise, “SHHH ….Silent Hospital Helps Healing’’ Campaign was launched. The campaign was led by the Department of Nursing and supported by all other departments.. The initial status was assessed and various activities to reduce the noise level were planned and implemented. Every department had taken the responsibilities for teaching their department’s staff. Compliance check were done on daily basis to monitor and control the noise level. At the end of the camping the noise level has reduced from 80 dB to 40 dB around the hospital; measured by using noise control pro app.