The Role Of Honey In The Diabetic Foot Ulcer Treatment Cross Section Analytical Study In South India

Research Article
Bhagavath, Jayalal J.A and Selwyn J Kumar
Honey, wound healing, diabetic foot ulcer, pain score

Honey, a natural product is used for Ulcer management since time immemorial and found to have both antibacterial and antimicrobial property with low pH which hinders the process of progression of pathogens in the ulcer. This study is conducted to evaluate the efficacy of the standardized preparation of honey in the Diabetic foot ulcer and its acceptance, suitability and cost expenditure. The ulcer healing, pain during the process, personal satisfaction and cost involved are compared with the conventional dressing methods. This prospective study was carried out in department of surgery diabetic foot ward for a period of 6 months from January 2017 to June 2017 with 100 patient divided into two groups. Both the groups underwent surgical debridement ulcer bed preparation, diabetic control and applied with honey in experimental group and control group with povidoneiodine/Hydrogen peroxide dressing. In our study we could observe in Honey dressing groups 87% wound healing compared to 65% is povidone- iodine dressing and only two patients went for amputation in honey dressing and much-improved pain factor. Mean pain score for the honey dressing groups were 1.24, however, the pain score in the conventional dressings group was 2.72 which was statically significant. Our study concludes the beneficial effects of honey dressing in Diabetic foot ulcer.