Restoring Smiles With Conventional Immediate Denture: A Case Report

Research Article
Ishan Kadam., Premraj Jadhav., Milind Limaye., Parisha Patil and Pradeep Taide
Immediate denture, interim denture, convertible denture, jiffy dentures, transitional dentures.

There has been plethora of options which are available for the replacement of missing teeth depending upon the existing condition. In today’s world of social activeness, patients are not willing for even a short time of edentulism. They demand for an immediate replacement of missing teeth for aesthetics as well as function. Replacement of teeth by implants or by conventional acrylic dentures, immediate replacement of teeth has its own difficulty. Inspite of the difficulties involved immediate denture is always an conventional and promising answer for replacing lost dentition. The prosthodontist as well as the patient need to understand the treatment protocol, cooperation and the limitations of the immediate denture therapy. The aim of this clinical report was to describe the fabrication of immediate denture in a patient with hopeless existing dentition