Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve Identification and Preservation in Thyroidectomies: Our Experience

Research Article
Asif A Wani, Ayaz Rehman*, Mushtaq Sangoo, Saud Lateef, SajadHamid, M. A. Kirmani and Irfan Iqbal

Vocal cord paresis or paralysis during thyroid surgeries is still continues to be one of major problems. Visual identification of the nerve is the gold standard of recurrent laryngeal nerve protection for all types of thyroid surgeries. The present prospective study was carried out to highlight a simple, safe, effective and less time consuming procedure of identification and preservation of recurrent laryngeal nerve. A total number of 120 patients were included in the study, 90 females (75%) and 30 males (25%), who underwent various thyroid procedures for benign 74 (617%) and malignant tumors 46 (38.3%). The mean age was 35 years (range, 14-80 year) ,lobectomy was done in 74 (61.7%), total thyroidectomy was in 40 (33.3%) and completion thyroidectomy was done in 6 (5%) of patients. The commonest benign and malignant tumor was colloid nodule in 45 (37.5%) and papillary carcinoma in 40 (33.5%) respectively. The mean size of the tumor was 8.9cm ranging from 3.5-12.4cm, recurrent laryngeal nerve was identified in all cases in the upper most part of its course where it is very close to the gland and enters into the larynx. There were no transient or permanent paralysis of recurrent laryngeal nerve in this study.