Quantitative Assessment Of Portal Vein By Colour Doppler Imaging In Patients With Various Liver Diseases In West Bengal And Reflection Of Pathophysiological Haemodynamics And Evaluation Of Prognosis

Research Article
Irandati Mukhopadhyay and Ashis Saha
Ultrasound, Portal vein, duplex doppler, congestion index, pulsatility index, resistance index.

We conducted a study in West Bengal in K.P.C. medical college on patients with Liver disease with the help of Duplex Doppler Ultrasound and assessed quantitative and semi quantitative indices of portal vein. We found that it is a safe, noninvasive, inexpensive, excellent investigation of choice in assessing pathophysiological haemodynamics, judging the severity of the disease, effects of several drugs and prediction of prognosis of the disease. Before conducting the study we took permission from the ethical committee of our college.