Psnr Comparison For Lsb Steganography Using Genetic Algorithm Or Image Restoration

Research Article
Nahla fadel Alwan and Nisreen Najm Abdulwahid
LSB Steganography, genetic algorithm, image restoration, PSNR

Steganography science became a challenging developing field used for secure transmission of data and its importance increases as a result of the increasing need to transfer large amounts of various types of data in a secure way, steganography capable to transfers secure data in a carrier medium like image Without draw attentionto the presence of confidential information (secret message) are embedding inside the least significantbits of the carrier image As when using LSB Steganography method. This research paper is studied reduction of the noise resulting from embedding secret message in the least significant bits of the cover image in two methods. The first method is to use a genetic algorithm with LSB Steganography method to search for the best sites to hide the secret message data in least significant bits of cover image and thus raise PSNR value of the resulting stego image to get better visual quality. The second method is to use the image restoration to restore the original image quality to the degraded stego image resulting from the use of LSB Steganography, by estimating noise type in the stego image and then select the appropriate filter like adapmedian spatial filter. The PSNR has been used as a standard to measure image quality. Three test images used in this study, Lena .gif, Cameraman.bmp, Pillar. png, the results of both methods were compared and it showed the superiority of using genetic algorithm with LSB Steganography on the use adapmedian filter in image restoration method. The goal of this study is to reduce the noise to improve the visual stego image quality and thus reduces the likelihood of the doubt the stego image.