Protective Effect Of Taurine On Histopathological Changes Due To Propanil Toxicity

Research Article
Arti Chauhan and Usha Gaur
Propanil, Kidney, Liver, Taurine

The present study was designed to investigate the detrimental effects of propanil on liver and kidney of mice and probable alleviating capability of silymarine against such intoxication effects. Methods: In an experimental study 36 albino mice were distributed in six equal groups of six each as follows: Control group, 100mg propanil/kg, 100mg taurine/kg, 200mg taurine/kg, propanil (100 mg/kg) + taurine (100 mg/kg), propanil (100mg/kg) + taurine200mg/kg. Treatment was via oral route and was fed once daily for 90 days. Propanil revealed marked degenerative and necrotic alterations in kidney and liver. Taurine improved propanil induced histopathological alteration.