A Prospective Study Of Hormonal Changes Among Sudanese Women With Infertility

Research Article
Omer Mohamed Shoaib, Ihab Hamed Nourein and Moawia Ahmed Elbadri
Infertility, luteinizing hormone, follicle stimulating hormone, prolactin Sudanese.

Background: Infertility a global health problem with an increasing incidence. In view of the increasing number of infertility among Sudanese women, that has an impact on ovulation and menstruation and other complications, this study was conducted to determine and evaluate luteinizing hormone (LH), follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), prolactin (PRL) that may help and facilitate the diagnosis and flow up of this disease. Materials and Methods: A prospective analytic, cross- sectional and hospital-based study included Sudanese women from Khartoum- State- Sudan, in period from March 2012 to May 2014. A total of 200 infertile Sudanese women were compared with 100 fertile women as control group, all of them were ageand weight-matched, Samples were taken then serum luteinizing hormone(LH), follicle (LH) stimulating hormone (FSH), Prolactin (PRL) levels were analyzed using ELISA technique. Results: Hormones: The (mean ± SD) of serum luteinizing hormone, follicle stimulating hormone and prolactin levels in an infertile Sudanese women 14.60±9.8 mIU/ml, 6.51±2.04 mIU/ml, 397.95±25.17 ng/ml, respectively, while that of fertile women (control group), the (mean ± SD) of serum luteinizing hormone, serum luteinizing hormone, prolactin were 7.00±5.26 mIU/ml, 8.13±3.88 mIU/ml, 249.15±25.76 ng/ml, respectively. Serum level of luteinizing hormone, prolactin were significantly elevated in an infertile women and follicle stimulating hormone level was reduced in compression to control group (P<0.05). Conclusion: Patients with infertility have significant increase levels of Serum level of luteinizing hormone, prolactin, while serum level of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) concentration was reduced in patients.