Post Insertion Problems In Complete Denture Prosthodontics - A Survey Of Frequency Of Different Types

Research Article
Manikantan N.S., Dhanya Balakrishnan., Shiny Joseph and Manojkumar A D
Complete denture, Questionnaire, Survey study, Reduced retention.

Objective: Fabrication of successful complete dentures is dependent on technical, biological, and psychological interplay between the clinician and the patient. Although every effort like proper diagnosis, patient education, mouth preparation, optimal clinical procedures etc are made, it is atmost impossible to deliver an absolutely problem–free complete denture. Postinsertion problems are a reality to be faced and tackled. Patient satisfaction is a critical determinant in the success or failure of complete denture therapy. This study was aimed at eliciting information regarding the frequency of post insertion problems in general, as well as the frequency of the individual types. Study design: A questionnaire survey was conducted among 200 randomnly selected practitioners of the state of Kerala and Karnataka to ascertain their subjective assessment regarding the above. Results: The data obtained is statistically analyzed and presented. The results of the study helped to establish: 1) Overall percentage of post insertion problem experienced; 2) Frequency of individual types of problems; and 3) Follow up periodicity. Conclusion: The study showed that the looseness or reduced retention was the most common post insertion complaint.