Physicochemical Properties Of Cultivated Soils Contaminated With Malathion And Dursban

Research Article
Faiza kadhim Emran and Hassanein Abood Hassoon
Physicochemical, malathion, Bacterial density, dursban

The present study aimed to investigate the effects of soil physicochemical properties. soil pH, soil temperature, electrical conductivity, cations and anions, on the population of native Malathion – Dursbantolerant bacteria in the cultivated soils of six sites. The result showed that soil physical properties like temperature and electrical conductivity affect significantly to native malathion–dursbantolerant bacterial density. Similarly, the soil chemical properties like pH, cations and anions had more effect on the abundance of malathion-dursbantolerant bacteria in the soil. However, the impact of soil organic carbon, organic nitrogen and available phosphorus was very significant. The results of the present study can be utilized for the development of effective bioremediation process for pesticide-contaminated soil.