Pesticidal Toxicity Study For Wheat And Paddy Fields Of Ahmedabad District

Research Article
Rutu Parikh, *Megha Bhatt and Alay Mehta
Pesticides, Toxicity, Agricultural Pattern, Ahmedabad District, Wheat, Paddy

This survey work was based on questionnaire used on the farmers of agricultural zones in selected sites of Ahmedabad District. The work also includes laboratory analysis of the collected soil samples from the fields to analyse physical properties and nutrients present in soil to show partial health status. This paper presents the management strategies practiced on wheat and Paddy fields, its changing crop patterns, quantitative and qualitative use of pesticides and its possible toxic impact on human health and overall good soil health status in District of Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Thus probably changing climate can be one of the reasons for observed changing agricultural pattern in wheat and Paddy fields