Performance Evaluation Of Conventional Domestic Refrigerator Retrofitted With Water Cooled Condenser

Research Article
Er. Rahul Patel, Er. Ramji Tripathi and Sukhdev Gangwar
Domestic refrigerator, Air cooled condenser, Water cooled condenser, Refrigeration capacity (TR), COP.

Basically domestic refrigerator uses two heat exchangers in the form of evaporator and condenser.Evaporator gives refrigeration affect and take heat on the other hand, condenser relies that heat and workas heat pump. This heat is realized by water cooled condenser to increase the coefficient of performance(COP) besides providing warm water. In this paper performance COP, refrigeration capacity (TR),condensation effect and compressor work done of domestic refrigerator is studied through an experimentalset up where air cooled condenser is replaced by water cooled condenser.