Performance Analysis Of Circular Patch Antenna Using Different Hybrid Substrates

Research Article
Lyrin K Vincent, Lekshmi B S and Basil K Jeemon
Patch antenna, Antenna gain, Ferrite ring, hybrid substrate

This paper introduces circular micro strip patch antenna using hybrid substrate and performance analysis of circular micro strip patch antenna using different hybrid substrate. Here comparing the gain to show better performance analysis on the basis of design and simulation results by circular patch antenna without ferrite ring and with ferrite around patch at operating frequency of 5.8 GHz. The ferrite ring of width d2 is placed at distance d1 from circumference of patch. The ferrite ring with relative permeability of µr2=14 , relative permittivity of ɛr2=10, dielectric loss tangent tanδe=0.0017 and magnetic loss tangent tanδm=0.0391 , is used. The proposed antenna attained a gain about 8dBi which means there is enhancement of 4dBi in gain than conventional substrate. Three hybrid substrate materials such as polymide quartz,TMM4 and Bakelite is used for analyzing antenna gain and FR4 is also used as special case .All the simulation is carried out by HFSS software.