Optimizing High Speed Drilling Parameters For Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composite Using Grey Relational Analysis

Research Article
Pallavi H. Agarwal., Vyomesh R. Buch., Deep A. Patel and Ketulkumar R. Patel
Glass fiber reinforced composite (GFRP), Response Surface Methodology (RSM), High Speed Drilling (HSD), Optimization, Grey Relational Approach (GRA)

This paper reports the experimental investigation of high speed drilling of glass fiber reinforced composite. The response parameters considered are delamination factor at entry and exit and the input parameters are point angle, cutting speed and feed rate. Experiments are conducted on the basis of response surface methodology technique. Further grey relational analysis is used to optimize the parameters with lower the better output performance characteristic. Optimization can be used for selecting the values of process variables to get the desired values of response parameters.